Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wah!! boleh maen game PS2 kt PC

Gamers sekalian, korang tentu nak try maen game PS2 kt PC kan...Jom kite try bende yang dah lame ni tp bru nk amek tau....

[[[PCSX2 0.9.6 Emulyator Sony Playstation 2 on PC Multi | 24 Mb ]]]] nie amat



PCSX2 - program for playing games with a gaming console Sony Playstation 2 on your PC.
For emulirovaniya are only two things more or less powerful computer, and most importantly, the brain!! Program working myself it yuzayu .....

VERY IMPORTANT: None of the folder must not contain in its title Cyrillic!
C: GamesPCSX2 - correctly.
C: IgryPCSX2 - wrong!

System requirements:
The requirements do not have the upper ceiling, the more powerful computer, the better.

1) Download
2) Go to file PCSX2_0.9.6_setup
2.1) Set
3) Go to the folder installed program
4) Open the file PCSX2_0.9.6_setup
5) Then do as in the picture below (but not necessarily, if you want to leave everything in English that even in Hebrew to me anyway. Just to explain further I will be in Russian)

5.1) Next you need to go to Settings and select the settings and configure everything as in the picture below.

In paragraph settings Cdvd drive. Line Source drive to select the drive on which emuliruetsya way through the Demon Tools, Alcohol or other emulyatory ...
6) Then again, we go in the settings. In the bottom left of the item is a folder with the Bios, we click on it and put this point to the folder Bios which is in the downloaded folder
7) Mount the game in which you are going to play through the Demon Tools, Alcohol or other emulyatory
8) Go back to PCSX2 click File / run CD / DVD

p/s: Do not forget to configure the gamepad settings.


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